November 3, 2011

Paris: Day 7 Good Food, Good Times, Good Life

Day 7 was full of excitement. The previous night I went with Orchid to the Eiffel Tower and popped the big question. While it took me about 30 minutes to work up the confidence I finally got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. So to celebrate we decided to go get some amazing food and dessert. 

To start off the day we decided to go to Mauboussin and pick up a ring. I figured it would only be suiting to get the engagement ring in the place where it all took place. After we got the ring I had to get a picture of it that I have been waiting for.

After pictures of the ring we headed out to get our daily espresso. The Alto Cafe is one brilliant idea that I hope to implement in Utah one day. Now learning the art of french coffee making is another story.

So we got our energy up enough to walk all the way out to Grom. We have heard that this place had some of the best ice cream Paris had to offer so we had to try it. When we arrived we found that the portion sizes were smaller than expected but there is good reasoning behind that. If I was too have any more of this delicious treat I would have went into a permanent sweet coma that I would never awake from. Orchid decided to go with a scoop of framboise and citron, I wanted to try it all so I decided on the cassis, figue, and caramel sel (salted caramel). Oh and did I mention they top it with their house made whipped cream...

For dinner that night we opted for pizza. We took the metro up to a little place called La Bella Angela. What makes this meal so unique is that Orhcid struggled to ask for a pitcher of water in so many restaurants. I kept saying you need to ask "Une carafe d'eau s'il vous plaît" which she kept saying "Une carafe s'il vous plaît" which is basically asking for an empty pitcher.  When we sat down at our table orchid looked up and said "Une carafe d'eau s'il vous plaît" which I responded with "He only speaks italian" So with that problem out of the way I ordered us a nice glass of Hoegaarden Wit Blanche which was amazing.

Since my buddy Jeff Miller couldn't be there I ordered myself a nice pizza with dried prosciutto. Jeff is a pizza aficionado and although red meat is not one of his favorites I know he would have devoured this pizza and enjoyed every little inch along the way. One of my all time favorite pizzas which I had to leave back in Paris. Don't worry pizza I will return.

If you have the chance, throw your crushed red peppers out the window and mix up a batch of this pizza topping. Extra virgin olive oil with dried red chiles soaking in it makes for an incredible topping on any pizza. 

Orchid had to order seafood because she had been craving it so much in Paris. This dish has nearly every creature in the sea. Complete with shrimp, clams, oysters and crawfish all over a bed of spaghetti tossed with a tomato basil sauce. Now I am not a seafood lover by all means but this was incredible and a must try.

After we rolled out of the restaurant we picked up a bottle of merlot and sat under the bridge across from the Eiffel Tower and drank up. The romance filled the air in Paris that day and made for some incredible memories. 

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