October 28, 2011

Paris: Day 6 City Life

Paris is such a lively city that no matter what district you are in you will almost always find something exciting going on. The first five days in Paris we really tried to fit as much in as possible not realizing how overwhelming it would be. One thing you will hear about Parisians is how laid back and easy going they are. If you have ever been in the Metro you will see just how "laid back" they really are. Parisians do have a way of life that is much more relaxed that their American counterparts but when they need to get somewhere, whether it be by car or foot, they don't slow down to enjoy the journey. 

While I hope all of you get the chance to go to Paris, I really hope that you learn to explore the city on foot many days and see where you end up. Some of my favorite memories from Paris were a result of being hopelessly lost in the city. Paris is simply too big for your itinerary so throw it away and take it one day at a time. 

We wound up in Printemps, Galleries LaFayette and an incredible chocolate shop. A day in Paris is not complete without a "Cafe Noisette". French don't drink that watered down Folger's stuff we have here in America. If you try the coffee be prepared for a jolt of energy. The coffee is basically an espresso shot with a touch of milk. If you want a typical american coffee order a "Cafe Americain".

The science and industry building down the street from Galleries LaFayette.

Galleries LaFayette is where all the high end designers hang out. This is basically a mall where you will not be able to afford anything. Tiffany & Co, Louis Vutton, Channel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes and many other high end shops fill up this mall. As you reach the center you look up and see the amazing ornate ceiling. 

Just across the street is Printemps and H&M. Here you will find more high end clothing and accessories. 

A view of the crossing from Galleries LaFayette to the food court.

If you plan on shopping here I would highly reccomend that you go to the food area where they have loaded it with high end cafes, pastry shops, chocolate and caramel shops and an entire grocery store packed with goodies. We bought up quite a few souvenirs here such and Jean-Paul Hevin Caramels, Christine Ferber Jam, a variety of spices, Bordier Butter, Les Palais Des The(Absolutely the best tea I ever had) and other munchies for the road.

While out wandering we were instantly taken back by this chocolate shop. It was literally filled to the ceiling with chocolates. The woman who owned the shop was incredibly helpful and while her English was not the best she still understood us very well. If you are in Paris and looking to find a unique chocolatier who makes incredible art I recommend La Maison Du Chocolat. There is something here for everyone.

This chocolate puzzle was extremely cool and I really wish I would have bought it. At 8 euros I think it would have made an excellent souvenir for a friend back home.

This was one of my favorite sculptures. She had taken the time to put such detail into this boar. She also had an elk high up on the wall that was just as incredible.

Chocolate Eiffel Tower anyone? They come in a variety of flavors.

Whether you want jams, candy, honey or chocolate this place has got it all. Check out their website for more mouth watering creations: http://www.lamaisonduchocolat.us/us/en/

While out in Paris you will run into the occasional homeless wandering the streets and the Metro. I had to get a picture of this women outside this patio restaurant. The shops were filled as were the wallets of people passing by. A lonely women sits outside and pleads for help but no one came to the rescue. She waited for hours everyday because time all she had left. She begged for money for food but greed had infected too many minds. Often times the cup was empty.

Greed is what's ruining this worlds economy. Take some time and contribute to the goals of balancing finances and helping those in need. The same rules apply when you travel.

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  1. What an incredible picture of the homeless person. Amazing Talyn!


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